Music Production
A native New Yorker, Tony Ungaro grew up listening to top 40 radio at a very early age. Recording equipment came into his possession in his early teens and he recorded music any time he could. But recording prerecorded music was not what he ultimately had as his goal. His true calling he felt was to learn how records were made and do it as a profession.
The older he got, the closer he got to his goal, attending the Institute of Audio Research following high school. From there he got some gigs recording and doing live PA mixing for local bands. For the next few years he did this until he opened up his own recording studio. Thirteen years the studio was in existence and he recorded a multitude of artists.
Finally, he ventured out and hooked up with Producer-Engineer Michael Frondelli and did some major label work. Master Sound Astoria had him as a staff engineer for a spell. Later on he returned to his roots and went on tour as a soundman with Joe Jackson and Marshall Crenshaw. Lately, Tony has been Recording and Co- Producing Independent  Artists for small labels. His hope is to continue doing this in the future.
Now,on the left side of this page, click on the Music button  and listen to some examples of Tony,'s work. Tony can assist you with your next musical production.You can then contact  Tony by going to the CONTACT page on this site.